Human Resources

Human Resources Consulting

Background Checks

  • I.D verifications.

  • Employee social media monitoring and reports.

  • Suppliers vetting.

  • Credit and criminal records checks.

Qualifications checks

CSI/CSR Programme

  • Analyse and advise on your CSR programme

  • Improve your CSR programme.

  • Industrial Relations

  • Support managers with HR policies and IR related matters.

  • Represent clients at CCMA sitting.

  • Chair disciplinary hearings for clients.

  • Conduct audits to ensure compliance with Department of labour.

  • Conduct counselling for employees (poor performance, trauma etc.)

  • Facilitating grievances for both permanent and temporary employees.

  • Drafting of job descriptions according to Company requirements.

Staff Recruitment

We pride ourselves in experienced staff, and vast industry knowledge, with the aim of helping you select the best candidates for your company. 
We provide a diverse range of services to complement your recruitment planning.

We are a Level 1 BBBEE company with a 100% black ownership, that believes in a diverse recruitment approach, work with us for an effective and efficient  service

Let us help you solve your recruitment challenges in a cost effective way.
Sit down with us and let us help you find a good solution to curbing your talent problems and find the right person for your company.

Employment types we provide

  • Temporary


Graduate Programmes



  • Interview and shortlist candidates

Help customers write job specifications 

Revamp CV's

Access to potential candidates CVs

Submit  your CV or send your CV to, with you desired position as subject heading